The Angel Orchestra was first founded in 2000 and is complemented by a celestial attraction every year. In 2023, a Heavenly Pianist will accompany us. This celestial messenger is the 25th edition of the orchestra. Each figure comes with a small flyer introducing all annual musicians so far.

A precious highlight is the Gloria Artist Edition 2023: the angel Flower Bouquet with enchanting colour decoration by the artist Jan Davidsz de Heem. For the first time in 2022 a heavenly messenger with his motif Summer Flowers was a top seller. Real gold decoration and finest porcelain blossoms feature this special object of art. Each edition is strictly limited to 399 pieces.

Same size but spiritual context presents Gloria as guardian angel Security rocking a little child into sleep. The figurine is also available up to a limited number of 399 items.

All of life‘s beauty is made of light and shadow. This philosophy is embodied by a heavenly pair of the new Gloria collection. The metallic white and grey color scheme emphasizes the gracefulness of the figurines which symbolize the interplay of life. There is no shadow without light and no light without shadow. Both angels keep a candle close to their body protecting the light with their hands. It wants to remind you that even in the darkest hour there is a little light. And the time will come where it shines in it’s brightest fashion again.

Brand new are the soul companions that convey messages of  love, joy and happiness. These companions are perfect for festive occasions such as the Holy Communion, confirmation or as a gift for a beloved one who could use a little support.

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