Der kleine Yogi® - Illustrations of the little yogi & his friends convey positive impulses, motivate, convey lightness and joy, give smiles, encourage, give love and trust, remind of values - such as gratitude and attentiveness - and encourage a more conscious way of thinking.

That's your heart talking!


Start your day with a smile and take your favorite drink with you in a little yogi Mug To Go made of fine bone china. Yogi also smiles at us from various postcards and a key board as well as lovingly designed key pouches.

Der kleine Yogi® Figurines

Three porcelain figurines with wooden bases are available and come with lovely sayings in English and German, reminding us of special values such as gratitude and mindfulness.

Little Gifts

Magical illustrations of "Der kleine Yogi®": As gift, as thoughtful support, as a day card or even in "emotional rainy weather". The little heart ambassador touches the hearts of all ages.

Organic Scented Pillows

Unique, enchanting and made of high-quality materials, the organic swiss pine, herbal and lavender pillows from the little yogi exude a fresh scent experience!


Nice sayings of the little cult man convey positive impulses, bring smile moments, give love and trust and much more.

Yogi - Calendar

The calendars present the cheeky sayings of the little heart messenger and offer enough space for important appointments.