Der kleine Yogi® - Illustrations of the little yogi & his friends convey positive impulses, motivate, convey lightness and joy, give smiles, encourage, give love and trust, remind of values - such as gratitude and attentiveness - and encourage a more conscious way of thinking.

That's your heart talking!

Books and much more

The heart messages of the little yogi can also be found on writing pads, saying cards, matches, in books and games.

Organic scented cushions

Unique, enchanting and made of high-quality materials, the scent cushions from the little yogi exude a fresh scent experience!

Organic Swiss stone pine pillow

Swiss stone pine improves the sleep quality and provides for more intensive recovery. For centuries appreciated and used.

Plants in wooden cubes

A plant cube for window sill, balcony or table - and the joy grows with it!


Nice sayings of the little cult man convey positive impulses, bring smile moments, give love and trust and much more.