Studio 8 is a new, exclusive product range made of high-quality porcelain in which Goebel‘s design reaches a new dimension. The collection inspires with its perfect craftsmanship and great attention to detail in the design. The design objects present themselves in colourful restraint and through strong expression of the forms - timeless, elegant, clear, fine and powerful at the same time. With Studio 8, Goebel ventures, in addition to the proven art reproductions and the colourful Goebel product landscape, the consistent step into new areas adapted to the times.

Impressive things from the house of Goebel


Why the apple takes centre stage as the basis of the design objects is as simple as it is effective.


The Georgina vase series consists of five different vases and one candle holder.


The high-quality horse figurines from the Goebel archive in a new edition


The Serengeti series consists of the mighty lion, the proud elephant and the strong rhinoceros.