Goebel has a special relationship with Rosina Wachtmeister grown over many years, in which her poetical representation of cats has constantly taken new creative shapes full with the joys of life. Rosina’s colourful artwork is like fireworks - filled with pure energy! She gains her energy and inspiration from her little paradise, a 30,000 m2 garden with many animals, not far from the Italian capital.

Cats in Various Designs


Decorative Accessories to design your individual home.

Annual Cats

Swarovski® crystals and lovely details make the annual cats highly treasured items among collectors.

Arte Grafica

Rhythmic designs of strokes, spots and shadings can also be found on tableware, home accessories and wrtiting utensils.

Bijoux del Arte

Timeless and elegant - Fashion Jewellery in Fine Bone China

Colori del paradiso

Cats and accessories decorated with fresh summer-like colours

Miniature Cats

For many years our mini cats belong to the most popular Rosina Wachtmeister articles.

Pocket Planer Cats

A helpful reference book for all Rosina Wachtmeister cat fans ... all cats from 2001 - 2019 are listed here.

Rosina's World of Cats

Rosina´s cats are available in various types: Tall and short, tiny and thick, colourful or just simply elegant.