Goebel shows how close cooperation with artists and designers turns objects made of porcelain, glass or related materials into something very special.

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Decorate and combine stylish accessories with charming products from various Goebel collections.


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Artis Orbis

Classical pieces from famous artists in new forms and dimensions - Artis Orbis represents artworks of world-famous artists as collector's or decorative editions.

Bird of the Year

Every year one bird which is especially worth protecting is selected as “Bird of the Year”.


In addition to the heavenly messengers and Christmas accessories also snowmen as well as Santa Claus and his cute little helpers add to the traditional flair of a magic Christmas Season.

This collection presents a true color explosion and luminous power.

Dr. Barbara Freundlieb

Bringing everyday situations to life with a sharpened pencil on white paper. In addition, the lunch boxes and mugs to go are sustainable, environment-friendly and reusable.


With cute bunnies and matching accessories perfectly attuned for the spring and Easter season - what a pity that Easter won't last all year around!


Since 2017 Goebel has been supporting the organization “Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V.” - Save Africa’s Elephants.

Kaiser Porzellan

Delicate designs from Kaiser-Porzellan - figurines, tableware and precious gift items - made for those special moments to savour. Each hand-made piece carries its individual personality.


The Lotus collection with the timelessly beautiful and elegant series Spirit of Harmony finds its modern interpretations of old spiritual symbols by motifs from the ancient world of India.


The figurines of NADAL represent pure emotion - expression of passion and the embodiment of the noble.

Nina & Marco

Cute, inquisitive eyes with a gentle facial expression are the characteristic features of Nina and Marco. Charming figurines accompany you throughout the year.

Peter Schnellhardt

His motifs come to life spontaneously and often have a playful and humorous character. His three cats are indeed very helpful "creative directors".

Pop Art

Vibrant colours, vivid patterns and high-contrast sculptures - Goebel always succeeds in enthusing comtemporary artists to work with porcelain and glass.

Rosina Wachtmeister

For over 20 years, Rosina Wachtmeister has been working with Goebel, enchanting her fans and collectors all over the world.

Scandic Home

Nordic motifs with clear lines reflect the longing and desire for the open sea and the seemingly endless blue of the horizon.

Studio 8

A new, exclusive product range made of high-quality porcelain in which Goebel‘s design reaches a new dimension.

The little Yogi

Der kleine Yogi® - In an enchanting, humorous and cheeky way, the little yogi with his heart messages illuminates our everyday life.