'The World goes Ed Heck' - his interpretation of the Statue of Liberty is all about his statement. Ed Heck is not only successful and popular in the USA, but in Europe as well. Goebel created and produced a porcelain figurine embodying the symbol of freedom and the American way of life - a true icon for New York fans!

Ed Heck got a signature character: a white dog with huge black spots, long ears and a look that sometimes seems a little confused. A lovely little puppy that makes one smile just like the real pets at home.

In addition to dogs, cats, dinosaurs and flying pigs are also popular motifs of the artist. They tell little stories of daily life on the streets of New York, always with a dash of affectionate irony. It is the simple line, the reduction to the essentials that makes Ed Heck famous - and the sense of humor.

The world of Ed Heck, not only elaborately handcrafted into three-dimensional figurines by Goebel Porzellan, his motifs can also be found on cups and useful accessories.

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