Small and handy, the plant cube finds a suitable place everywhere. Regular watering creates a "little miracle" in no time at all: a plant sprouts from the ground and you can enjoy its growth every day.

A nice gift idea - also for children who can grow their own little plant and thus become familiar with nature and the growth of the plants.

The cube itself is made of high-quality alder wood and filled with a special biological nutrient granulate and plant seeds. The special feature: The plant cube is made of 100% compostable materials, is completely composted step by step and provides the plant with valuable nutrients.

This is how gardening at home works: Simply remove the closure sticker from the cube and water it. The cube feels at home in a bright, warm place! And after a few days it will come to life and a little plant will stick its head curiously through the earth. With good care, the flower will grow into a larger plant and can be planted together with the wooden cube in a pot or even outdoors.

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