Organic Herbal Pillows - Contents: spelt, hayflower, lavender, catnip, lemonmint, peppermint, maral, lemongrass – this precious mix ensures an exclusive and long-lasting scent experience.
Organic Lavender Pillows - Contents: Lavender/Spelt mix
Use: Briefly knead the pillow. Herbal and Lavender pillows keep their fresh scent for years – no expiry date! Perfect for the car, flat, cabinet, bathroom, shoes and many more.
Organic Swiss Pine Pillows - Content: 100 % natural swiss pine shavings
The swiss pine, also called "Queen of the Alps", is an alpine conifer that grows at an altitude of between 1300 and 2800 m. The positive aspects of wood have been valued and used for centuries.
Use: For optimal results, the pillow should be placed in bed, close to the head.
Care instructions: Do not wash! Clean with a damp cloth only.

Handwork and natural product – The production itself is as clear as the raw materials we use and takes place in a protected workshop in Upper Austria:
Helping instead of Excluding!

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