For years Mauro Bergonzoli's funny art character Magic Bunny appears as symbol of love, humor and magic in his oevre. The cute cartoon rabbit, mostly with “I love it!” speech bubble embodies pure life energy, happiness and productivity. It lifts the spirit and makes everyone smile. It likes to tumble through Bergonzoli's colorful art world, always head over heels in love with magical creatures, Mother Nature and everything his iconic gaze captures. The Magic Bunny also stands for animal welfare and creative education of children, both of which the artist is actively involved in.

For connoisseurs, the Magic Bunny has now been immortalized on elegant artist and espresso cups. The expressive vases and bowls bring a good mood to every home. As keychain the bunny serves as lucky charm with cool slogans, like: "I love it", "WTF" - What the Fuck!, "OMG!" - Oh my God! and is also there when you’re shopping and will never leave you out in the cold!

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