The Lotus collection with the timelessly beautiful and elegant series Spirit of Harmony finds its modern interpretations of old spiritual symbols by motifs from the ancient world of India.

Yin and Yang – the symbol of hope! Ancient Chinese philosophy describes opposites which harmonize with each other  to form a whole and a cycle: According to the Yin and Yang teachings, bad times are bound to be followed by good times. The symbol is the focus of a black and gold colour scheme.  

The Flower of Life is an intertwined symbol of 19 circles, to which harmonizing and protective effects are ascribed. It stands for the unity of body, soul and spirit. The partial graphic background is white and gold, deliberately directing the focus to the powerful symbol.

Charming novelties like a set of egg cups, plates and bowls are made of bone china and therefore ideally match the coffee and artist cups in the existing range. The elegant porcelain disc vase presents a different motif on each side. Therefore, the vase is a perfect addition to both series and completes the arrangement for a harmoniously set breakfast table.

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