Extraordinary sense of art and selfconfident expression of female power are to be found in the artworks „Fire in the Belly“ and „Aphrodite“ by exceptional artist Lana Frey. Light-resistant porcelain colors and real gold applications make the reproduction of her artwork „shine“ in every living ambiance. The black-golden real wood frame adds to the characteristics of the motif.  The back of the picture is covered by a protective layer of felt.

The bisque porcelain works of art appear in a filigree and elegant way. Nothing competes with the precision of the artist‘s production process: Figurine parts are casted in several individual molds. Then pieces are assembled again and undergo a bisque firing. The massive base with the artist’s signature emphasizes the gallery character of the figurines.  Special works of art that are unparalleled in the world of porcelain!

Ever since, Goebel succeeded in enthusing contemporary artists and designers to work with porcelain and glass. Great paintings and daring designs become objects of perfect craftsmanship. The transformation of the motives onto porcelain and glass is done in close cooperation with the artists to bring out the best of their unique style. Please enjoy a genuine work of art in your home!

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