Since 2017 Goebel Porzellan has been actively supporting the organization „Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V.“ (Save Africa’s elephants). With each figurine of the Elephant series Goebel helps to protect the threatened species.

Ndiwa and Rokka are two further elephant orphans for whom Goebel has taken over sponsorship. With a coloring based on their living counterparts, colorful, partly golden dot pattern and a crystal stone they become decorative eye-catchers in any living ambience. With sponsorship note.

The elephant rescue services reports of each challenge young elephants experience in the wilderness:
Ndiwa was spotted during a routine patrol over the southern part of Tsavo East National Park with no other elephants in sight. After a long period of observation the dehydrated elephant calf was finally captured.
Rokka was spotted by a pilot flying over a popular watering hole along the Tiva River. She was extremely stressed and far too young to be on her own.

Please see for more information on rescues.

Goebel donates part of the proceeds from the Elephant Collection’s sale to the organization “REAeV” („Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V.“ - Save Africa’s Elephants). The donation is used to supply young elephant orphans with food and blankets, to pay wildlife keeper‘s salaries, to ensure medical care for the animals and much more. Part of the money is used for the protection of wild elephants. Saving family herds and their natural environment also saves the future of the orphans, hopefully to have them catch up with one of the herds later on.

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