With the "Four Seasons" series pays Alphonse Mucha tribute to the gracefully portrayed females with a sculptured figurine. The floral elements, the special colouring and specific attributes symbolize the season of autumn. Elaborately handcrafted, one of Mucha's beauties once again comes to life in three dimensions!

In times of historical Art Nouveau mouth-blown glass was among the most popular materials to work with. Fine and elegant, it beautifully highlights the famous works of art from this era. The elaborate decoration combines real gold applications with satinized glass and opulent ornaments, so typical for Mucha’s painting style.

The elegant lithographs appear quite poetic: the young woman with the dreamy look is surrounded by ornaments and flowers – elements which are typical for his artwork. Alphonse Mucha designed „Zodiac“ for a calendar. In his composition, he integrated the twelve symbols into a decorative disc which frames the majestic female portrait. Her ornamental crown and opulent golden jewelry reminisce the image of a medieval queen. Perfect for the storage of jewelry or to serve sweet treats!

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