Beautiful, small products for daily use are the perfect gift to surprise someone or just to say Thank You to a loved one or friend. Pocket Mirrors, Art Boxes, Pill Boxes and Key Chains, small gifts with a big impact. Make someone happy!

Novelties 2021 - Vintage accessories with high quality tapestry fabrics
Elaborately designed and rich in pattern fabrics are currently experiencing a renaissance as part of the new vintage trend. The same fabrics as known from castles and mansions from long by-gone centuries. As a special feature the motifs are not printed on the bags, but woven in which makes them appear as embroidered by hand. Made from stable and durable fabrics the bags with the motifs „Tree of Life“ by Gustav Klimt and „Girl with Pearl Earring“ by Jan Vermeer van Delft not only look classy, but are also robust, durable and suit perfectly for a daily use.

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