In February 2011 Goebel successfully entered the world of Pop Art with the launch of the Romero Britto range. Ever since, Goebel succeeded in enthusing contemporary artists to work with porcelain and glass. Great paintings and daring designs become objects of perfect craftsmanship. The transformation of the Pop Art motives onto porcelain and glass is done in close cooperation with the artists to bring out the best of their unique style. Please enjoy a genuine work of art in your home!

Art and craftmanship colorful united

Billy The Artist

Strong color accents for a modern living ambience

Ed Heck

Signature character: white dog with black spots and long ears

James Rizzi

Transcend the border between art and daily life

Mauro Bergonzoli

Genre-crossing neo-pop style

Romero Britto

The artist and his visual language of hope and happiness