We receive numerous correct answers every day for our Goebel Advent Calendar 2019. The drawings have been taking place.

The lucky winners are notified and all prizes were sent.


Door 1 - Nina and Marco Figurine "Christmas Bakery": Anne R. from Goldkronach

Door 2 - Angel "On My Little Cloud": Cindy K. from Arzberg

Door 3 - James Rizzi Artist Mug "Beautiful Birds": Gudrun Sch. from Dassow

Dorr 4 - Rosina Wachtmeister Pair of Cats "Elita e Fosco": Melanie K. from Lippstadt

Door 5 - Artis Orbis Artist Tealight "The Kiss": Morten Ole J. from Flensburg

Door 6 - Figurine "Post from far Away": Melanie S. from Duisburg

Door 7 - Joanna Charlotte Storm Lamp "Lilies Grey": Monika D. P. from Strau, Austria

Door 8 - Angel "My Star": Carmen D. from Wehingen

Door 9 - 5 Hanging Ornaments from the series "I Love Christmas": Birgitt M. from Wuppertal

Door 10 - Rosina Wachtmeister Cat "Il mio mandolino": Elke Sch. from Merzig

Door 11 - Angel "My Little Cuddle Cloud": Adrian Z. from Dreieich

Door 12 - Joanna Charlotte Necklace "Butterflies Blue": Tanja P. from Torino, Italy

Door 13 - 2 Annual Christmas Mugs 2017: Sandra B. from Weinheim

Door 14 - Black Pearl Kitty Relaxing: Daniela F. from Uhingen

Door 15 - Pair of Angels "Inseperable": Christian R. from Trebgast

Door 16 - Joanna Charlotte Tea Cup "Lilies Red": Renate H. from Hildburghausen

Door 17 - Nina and Marco Angel "Thanksgiving Prayer": Sabine S. from Fürth

Door 18 - Bad "The Kiss": Jürgen K. from Wald-Amorbach

Door 19 - Billy the Artist Art Light "Two in One": Marco B. from Agliano Terme, Italy

Door 20 - Rosina Wachtmeister Cat "Posticino asciutto": Simone C. from Hemmingen

Door 21 - James Rizzi Artist Mug "Birds on a Love Wire": Tanja E. from Fürsteneck

Door 22 - Gustav Klimt tray for pens "The Kiss": Linus M. from Essen

Door 23 - Elephant "Solango blue": Frank L. from Bamberg

Door 24 - Vincent van Gogh Set of Champagne Glasses "Almond Tree": Marlis D. from Wadern

Main Prize - Joanna Charlotte Mirror "Butterflies": Monika J. from Heidelberg