The figurines of NADAL are pure emotion - expression of passion and the embodiment of the noble. Moments of daily life are cleverly captured and preserved for eternity. NADAL figurines are characterized by their simplicity and individuality. They tell stories of love and tenderness, joy of living, enthusiasm and beauty.

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NADAL was founded as a company, nearly a century ago, by Don José Asunción Marqués (1890-1961) in Manises, Spain. Today NADAL is still one of the leaders in the production of figurines. With its team of technical experts led by Enrique Asunción Gabriel, NADAL is able and willing to give the very best service to its many customers worldwide. At NADAL we keep the closely guarded secrets of the techniques which have been learned throughout the years, while continuing the investigation of new materials and ways of improving our quality to be able to add new and different products to our collection.