Manises, a town dedicated to ceramics since the Muslim era. Since then Manises has a privileged position in the European history of this discipline, mixture of art and industry.

NADAL‘s founder, Don José Asunción Marqués (1890-1961), was born in a farmers family. His restless nature led him to abandon the family tradition to pursue skills in ceramics with an ambitious project in mind: to found his own company some day. He worked tirelessly in various factories in the town, while researching new techniques in a small laboratory installed at home.

In 1915, just aged 25 but already with a great experience in the difficult art of pottery, he realized his dream and created NADAL, named in loving tribute to his wife, Margarita Nadal. Along with an enthusiastic team of collaborators, he started producing pottery and porcelain, which due to the great quality soon got the appreciation of the customers.

In 1922 the only son of the couple, Don José Asunción Nadal, was born, who continued the work begun by his father. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to consolidate the company, exporting its creations all over the world and making the brand NADAL an international reference in the field of decorative arts.

In 1975, a new member of the Asunción family, Don Enrique Asunción Gabriel (born 1953, grandson of the founder of NADAL), who shared the same passion for the intricate but exciting art of ceramics, joined the firm as the third generation in this family saga.

Today NADAL, a completely modernized company, is still one of the leaders in the production of figurines. With its team of technical experts led by Enrique Asunción Gabriel, NADAL is able and willing to give the very best service to its many customers worldwide. At NADAL we keep the closely guarded secrets of the techniques which have been learned throughout the years, while continuing the investigation of new materials and ways of improving our quality to be able to add new and different ranges to our collection.

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