Artis Orbis presents paintings of world famous artists as editions for collectors and a discerning clientele. Elaborate production and high quality manual work result in products of elegance and style. The exclusive and limited collections of Artis Orbis will let you re-experience great art.

Handicraft meets art in a perfect match.

Discover the versatility of the Artis Orbis collection

Alphonse Mucha

The beautiful face of the French Belle Epoque

Art & Angels

Well-known artists and their interpretation of an angel

Auguste Renoir

Master pieces of historical Impressionism

Claude Monet

The most beautiful landscape paintings in history

Gustav Klimt

Most significant works of art

Jan Davidsz de Heem

A touch of romance

Katsushika Hokusai

The Great Wave of Kanagawa

Lana Frey

Inspired by history, myths and legends

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Intense colors and light compositions

Vincent van Gogh

His paintings belong to the most expensive ones in the world

Wassily Kandinsky

One of the great pioneers of art of the 20th century