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Everybody knows the charming, sometimes even funny lttle characters from Walt Disney. Whether bold and whimsical or romantic and elegant - there is an accessory for every Disney loving fan which allows you to bring Disney flair into your everyday looks. Enjoy the Magic!

Elephant - Sponsorhip for the Orphan Elephants

We choose the names for our elephants from those elephants that were already rescued in Africa. In 2019 Goebel will support the organization "Rettet die Elefanten Afrikas e.V." (Save Africa's Elephants) by "adopting" another three orphan elephants.

Bird of the Year

The skylark - made of finest biscuit porcelain - is available in two sizes: 9.5 cm and 14 cm

Support the preservation of this endangered bird species and order your Bird of the Year today!

Goebel - The Art of Lifestyle designed in Germany

Goebel deals with aesthetic things making life more beautiful, the little luxury for one's soul. Either for home decoration, as collectible or as a high quality present, products from Goebel give pleasure - spontaneously but with lasting effect. No matter if it is traditional or trendy, the large assortment satisfies almost everyone's taste.

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Noble and timeless appearances

Einige der beliebten Samtpfoten präsentieren sich in Bianco e Nero - zeitlosem Schwarz und Weiß, veredelt mit filigranen Ornamenten in echtem Gold und Platin.

Das Holz des Mango-Baums mit seiner natürlichen Maserung und das handbemalte Gesicht verleihen den Katzen aus der Serie Gatti di legno ihren individuellen Charakter durch den sie sich in jedes Wohnambiente einfügen.

Entdecken Sie aus unserem Sortiment Rosina Wachtmeister die Exklusiv-Editionen und blättern im Katalog. Mit einem Klick auf den Sortiments- und Seriennamen im Katalog gelangen Sie direkt in den Shop, in dem Sie auch alle Details zu den einzelnen Produkten erfahren.

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Billy The Artist

„ I believe in creating your own reality“.

Billy The Artist is an internationally renowned artist based in New York who has worked for some of the largest global brands from Swatch to Nescafé.

He calls his work urban primitive pop. Puzzle like images of faces, eyes and people that create a vibe of positive spirit and energy. His paintings, murals, and live Performances have been seen all around the world including painting live in front of 30,000 people in Venice at Piazza San Marco for the Launch of his Swatch watch. “I believe in creating your own reality.”

Discover Billy The Artist and his works of art from our Pop Art range and browse through our catalogue. By clicking on the artist's name in the catalogue, you will be taken directly to the shop, where you will find further details on the individual products.