M.I.Hummel Events

On June 30, 2017:
Bunte Truhe, Haputstr. 1a in Regenstauf
Opening ceremony

On July 23, 2017:
Hummel-Museum in Massing
Assemble Event

On July 28, 2017 beginning at 4 p.m.:
Schneiders Geschenkideen in Grimma
Coffee and Novelties

On September 23, 2017:
Ratags in Stolpen near Dresden
Painting Event

On September 23 and 24, 2017:
Käthe Wohlfahrt in Rothenburg
Painting Event

On October 7, 2017:
Keramikscheune in Landsberg
Painting Event

On November 12, 2017 beginning at 1 p.m.:
Haushaltswaren Albrecht in Rain am Lech
Paintign Event

Subjets may change!

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